Empire! Empire! remaining shirts/limited number of out of print items!

Posted on March 23rd, 2016

We posted some empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) shirts and crew necks, as well a couple out-of-print titles/pressings (their Arrows split, In Which the Choices). We also reduced the price of the graphic novel to $5. These shirts/crew necks will never be reprinted, ever, ever, ever.

On top of that, we just got a couple boxes back of old goods and they are going now up in the store. The following items are out of print and very limited quantities:

- Dowsing- It's Still Pretty Terrible LP- 2nd Press: Royal Blue
- football, etc.: The Draft LP
- Free Throw: Those Days Are Gone LP- 1st press: Splatter
and Lavender Town: Pokeball variant
- Kind of Like Spitting: $100 Room- Cyan Blue
- Perfect Future: Old Wounds...
- Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers: Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest LP

ALL OF THIS STUFF IS LIMITED, SOME MORE THAN OTHERS. Get it now or be a bum forever heart emoticon


The Cardboard Swords SXSW 2016 Tour

Posted on February 18th, 2016

Go see The Cardboard Swords on their SXSW tour!

3/3 Wyandotte, MI - The Rockery
3/5 Grand Rapids, MI - The Upper Room
3/6 South Bend, IN - The Well Basement
3/7 Chicago, IL - SubT Basement
3/8 DeKalb, IL - Fred Durst's Nook
3/9 Milwaukee, WI - Bremen Cafe
3/10 Minneapolis, MN - Broke Haus w/ Pierre
3/11 Mankato, MN - Goon Den w/ Pierre
3/12 Ames, IA - The Record Mill w/ Pierre
3/13 Omaha, NE - Milk Run
3/14 Springfield, MO - Front of House
3/15 SXSW - FS / BWM Showcase
3/16 SXSW - Groundfloor Booking Showcase
3/17 SXSW - Ozona Records Showcase
3/18 Houston, TX - Satellite Bar w/ Ratboys
3/19 Monroe, LA - Tay's Mansion w/ Ratboys
3/20 Huntsville, AL - Coppertop Dine N Dive
3/21 Knoxville,TN - Longbranch Saloon
3/22 Bowling Green, KY - The Falcon's Nest
3/23 Alton, IL - Metal Gear
3/24 Indianapolis, IN - Grammaw's House
3/25 Nashville, TN - More Than Me Fest

3/26 Columbus, OH - Donato's Basement

Stream the entire Mimisku album "The Thrill of Living" at The Runout now!

Posted on February 17th, 2016

YOU CAN NOW STREAM THE ENTIRE Mimisiku DEBUT LP "The Thrill of Living" at The Runout. We are so excited for you finally hear how amazing this record is. Features members of Two Knights- think a darker The Promise Ring or Desaparecidos.

Listen here: http://therunout.com/2016/02/17/recommended-listen...

A bunch of the pre-orders have been sent out, and it officially comes out Friday. Order it on vinyl or cassette here: