Parting "Jesse Eisenbird" music video + Parting & Empire! Empire! merch drop!

Posted on August 18th, 2022

A little over a year ago, Emo Revival super group, Parting (we say that tounge-in-cheek, did that come through?) released their debut 'Unmake Me'. It was around a year ago that they also recorded their very first music video. Now it is time to watch the fruit of their labor, exclusively through Brooklyn Vegan. Directed and Edited by Ben Hendricks. Assistance from Lindsay Rinehart.

That's not it! We also have the first Parting shirt up for sale too. Pre-order it here. It was designed by Whitney Ballen, who is super talented- see for yourself! It'll ship early to mid September.

WHAT, YOU MONSTERS WANT MORE?! Keith from Parting's old band, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) is still dead and unless the Lions win the Super Bowl, that's going to stay the case. But you keep asking for merch, and who are we to stand in your way? So we've got a reprint of the Empire! Empire! JRPG shirt and a brand new crewneck. We also have two sets of enamel pins from both of their albums too! Check out the angels from What It Takes to Move Forward and the couple from You Will Eventually Be Forgotten. The angels were designed our very own Tiny Blue Ghost's Marissa Carroll. Check out her work here.

Here are some pictures if you don't want to click those links above.