Black Friday is here! Save up to 80% off select vinyl, cassettes, CDs, shirts and more!

Posted on November 24th, 2023

It's that magic time of year to open your wallets wide! This year, we have a VERY big sale with select items up to 80% off, including vinyl, cassettes, shirts, CDs, enamel pins, posters, and books. So many things you can buy! So many of our most popular goods and hidden gems!

To make things easier, we've even book a menu on our page that shows the following categories: the entire sale, $5 vinyl, $10 vinyl, $15 vinyl, $5 cassettes, $3 CDs, $10 shirts, and everything else. Browse to your heart's delight!

Sale runs though Cyber Monday! Go to for details.

Happy shopping!

Bandcamp Friday while it lasts, lol

Posted on November 3rd, 2023

It's 'No Not Buying a Record on Bandcamp November'! Did that confuse you? Did that not not confuse you? Ok, enough of my hilarious wit. We've got a good sale for one day only and you best get it on that one day only or you're gonna get nothing! Get all digital for pay what you want and 5 vinyl records for just $15 a piece. This month, we are featuring these five albums:

- Annabel "Youth In Youth": Indie rockers Annabel have aged like a fine wine. Yes, this album is nearly 11 years old, but that just makes it vintage. It's every bit as good as the day it came out- maybe even better. FFO: Built to Spill, Arcade Fire, Japandroids

- Malegoat "plain infiltration": Malegoat may be half a world away from us in the lovely country of Japan, but they are always close to our hearts! They play a style that fit in perfectly with their emo revival counterparts in Algernon Cadwallader, influenced by Cap'n Jazz. Reissue of their first album, get it while it's hot.

- Mt. Oriander "Then the Lightness Leaves and I Become Heavy Again": Did you like Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)? If the answer is yes (IT HAD BETTER BE YES, BUB), then you will 100% like this because it is the guy (me, lol) from that band and he is doing everything on this album. If Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and Parting had a baby, this would be it. Also, for fans of Mineral, The Appleseed Cast, and Death Cab for Cutie.

- Penfold "Amateurs & Professionals": Penfold wrote earnest jams that came from the heart. Beautiful guitars, emotional vocals, quiet to loud dynamics- the whole nine. Long out of print and sought after, now back for a steal at only $15. FFO: Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Knapsack.

- Star Funeral "In the Dark": Full band solo project fronted by Nikki Esposito. Mix dark and brooding dreamy indie/emo/shoegaze and you've got a banger of an album. If you don't listen to this, you are seriously missing out of one of the best albums of the year. FFO: Title Fight, Land of Talk.

You will find all 5 of these albums on the top of the releases page.

True to our word, we've put our digital catalog up at whatever price you feel it deserves, and that includes the new album "Growing In Strange Places" by Thank You, I'm Sorry and "Return to Sender" by Superdown. Plus, I mean, soooooooooooooooooo many others. There's a new or new album to you that is gonna change your life, so go find it: