Kittyhawk Discography Tape! Bandcamp Friday! Camp Trash Accolades! En Garde Details!

Posted on February 5th, 2021

Lots of exciting things to talk about today!

First up, we are very excited to announce a pre-order for a Kittyhawk discography compilation cassette tape. "Mikey's Favorite Songs" is a complete collection of all Kittyhawk songs that were not found on the full length "Hello, Again". Recorded by Mikey Crotty (Dowsing) at Gnaria and Owlery in Chicago, IL and spread out over releases that came out from 2012 to 2016.

Take a lil' look at the cover here:

Pre-Order it here. Release date is 2/26, available digitally and on cassette.

Second, TODAY IS BANDCAMP FRIDAY! What is Bandcamp Friday? It's a special day where anything you buy at Bandcamp goes directly to the labels and artists. No cut to Bandcamp, just pure cheese for the rest of us. In a move that is lonnnnnnnnnnnnngg overdue, we have put a very, very large part of our physical catalog up on our Bandcamp for sale. So you can get digital and physical in the same place- both here and at our Bandcamp site. To celebrate, we made all our digital pay-what-you-want! Go nuts, fill that bag.

Third, the Camp Trash 7" 'Downtiming' has been massively popular and getting a lot of incredible reviews and placements. Like Spotify playlists? They landed on the cover and grabbed the coveted first song on Spotify's Fresh Finds- Rock playlist!

Click here or on the picture to go to the list:

Speaking of Camp Trash, they just wrapped up recording their debut LP, so if you love Camp Trash, good news- we will be releasing their debut LP later this year!

Finally, we ended up moving the En Garde EP release back a month, but next month you will be able to hear the first song from that. It is worth the wait!

As usual, things are as busy as can be, so the next update will be filled with even more news!

Until then!


Count Your Lucky Stars

Camp Trash 'Downtiming' is now out!

Posted on January 22nd, 2021

Hooray! Camp Trash's debut EP, 'Downtiming' is now officially out! Pick up the record here.

We've shipped a bunch out and should have the rest out by this weekend. Hey! Pre-order a shirt while you are at it!

Here is a list of places to stream 'Downtiming' now:

Apple Music:





'Downtiming' is getting rave reviews

Here's some press quotes to goad you into checking this out:

"They’ve got riffs, they’ve got hooks, and their music beams with the special energy that emerges when a new band hits its stride"
- Stereogum

"Bright, catchy offering of power pop-tinged emo"
- Brooklynvegan

"Bright and bouncy, with an infectious vocal melody and danceable riff[s]"
- Chorus.Fm

Meanwhile, Camp Trash is busy in the studio recording LP1 AS WE SPEAK, which should be out later this year. Get amped!

Stream Camp Trash 'Downtiming' now at! Get a shirt too!

Posted on January 20th, 2021

You can now stream the ENTIRE Camp Trash EP 'Downtiming' at

Pre-Order it on Baby BLUE with aqua splatter/black 7" or digitally here:

We also have a brand new @camp_trash shirt! Check out the magnificent garment here:

Look good and feel good, am I right? You at least have to read the product description before you add it to your cart!

Color goof!

Posted on January 20th, 2021

WELP. Lots of things to talk about, but first, there is a bit of egg on our face. Somewhere along the line, there was a miscommunication & the color of the Camp Trash 7” is Baby BLUE with Aqua splatter, not Baby PINK. It’s still gorgeous, but we are profoundly sorry for the goof.

We opened the boxes last night to start assembling them and whoops! We hope that’s ok with you all because, uh, that’s what you are getting.

Thanks to the band for being understanding of the error and hopefully thank you to all who ordered that color too!

It’s super easy to mess something up in a release, honestly but at least the music is so good that people won’t care.