Snowing "I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted" 12" Vinyl CYLS 027


The sole LP from emo revival/punk rock Pennsylvania's Snowing. Now back in print!

**Mock may vary from final product.


  1. I Think We're In Minsk
  2. 127 Pounds
  3. Malk It
  4. Why Am I Not Going Underwater
  5. You Bring Something No
  6. So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went Back To Bed
  7. It's Just A Party
  8. Memo (That's Fine Man)
  9. Surf Jam
  10. Damp Feathers
  11. Could Be Better Forever
Pressing Information

12" Vinyl
First Pressing
600 Black
200 Black with Screen-Printed Covers
200 Blue
100 Gray Marble with Screen-Printed Tour Cover
200 White

Second Pressing
100 Coke Bottle Clear
50 Gold with Screen-Printed Cover
100 Gray Marble Trash
50 Red with Screen-Printed Cover

Third Pressing
500 Green

Fourth Pressing
1 Black
350 Crystal Pepsi
100 Lavender
40 Pepsi Kona
...and a handful of weird blends (Ask Square of Opposition, lol)

Fifth Pressing
500 Clear

Sixth Pressing
300 Opaque Green

Seventh Pressing
300 Opaque Gold
200 Opaque Red

Co-release with Square of Opposition Records