Bandcamp Friday Rumbles On! We've got 5 releases for just $5 a pop! Digital is pay what you want!

Posted on March 1st, 2024

Happy Bandcamp Friday! This month we are continuing our run of 7" vinyl records. We've got five amazing 7" records on sale for just $5, which equals a heft sum of 35" vinyl if you get them all. That's a lot of value per inch!

Not enough? Well how about all digital is name your price (which could also be free, yes). We have over 140 releases out, so there are a lot of albums to choose from. May we suggest the new Be Safe record "In a House" or the new Thank You, I'm Sorry album "Growing in Strange Places"? How about classics like Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) or Snowing or Joie De Vivre? You have so many choices, look over what we have here. You can also pick up a lot of vinyl, cassette, CDs and more so don't limit yourself to just those 5 7" records!

Bandcamp Friday only lasts one day, so go wild this Friday- you already have less than 24 hours.

For the March Bandcamp Friday, we are featuring:

- Calculator "Calc": The final release from California screamo kings, these two songs display the excellent evolution of a band who created chaos at will, but knew when to pull back.

- Camp Trash "Downtiming": Have you heard the song 'Bobby'? If you haven't, it's the song that launched this band into the who's who of upcoming indie rock/punk bands. It's the song that gets stuck in your head, the song that you scream along to when you see the band ripping it live. In truth, every song on this is just as good.

- Long Knives "This is Your Life"- Debut EP from California emo/punk rockers who wrote songs that burst out of the gate and just didn't stop. Think Rainer Maria meets Hot Rod Circuit.

- Recreational Drugs "Recreational Drugs": A lot of bands write music that is secondary to their vocals, but what happens when a band has no vocalist? Answer: they have to be good and they have to be interesting. Recreational Drugs does just that. Think Ghosts and Vodka meets Do Make Say Think.

- Warren Franklin and the Founding Fathers "Second April": When you have been making music as long as Warren has, you find your niche and you roll with it. "Second April" is the pinnacle of a band who spent years honing their craft. Indie pops you and your parents' would like. FF: Camera Obscura and Bright Eyes.

Go save some money and find some new bands! The clock is ticking!

"O, brittle weather!" from Drunk Uncle out in May!

Posted on February 21st, 2024

Excited to announce we will releasing Drunk Uncle's follow-up album "O, brittle weather" on 5/24 in on vinyl and digitally. Their sophomore LP will be available in record stores and everywhere you can stream music.

Singles and pre-order to come!

"O, brittle weather" track listing:

1. Sundried

2. Cabin

3. Banquet

4. Knees (Buckling)

5. ETA

6. Thundercloud

7. Bed Our Mouths

8. Shell

9. Piano Song

10. It Won't Let Up