Bandcamp Friday sale- 24 HOURS! 6 7" records for $5 a pop + 5 12" vinyl records for $50 returns!

Posted on April 5th, 2024

Happy Bandcamp Friday- you have 24 hours to save! Today we are finish our run of 7" vinyl records and even added a 6th one to get there. That's right, six amazing 7" records on sale for just $5 a record, spanning 11 bands (hello, splits!). Find those records in the top two rows, beside the new Drunk Uncle and The Goalie's Anxiety albums. Speaking of The Goalie's new LP, that vinyl is now officially up for pre-order on Bandcamp and comes out the 25th of this month.

For you digital freaks, digital is name your price (which could also be free, yes). This sale also sees the return of our popular megadeal, 5 12" records for just $50. 5 full lengths for $50?!? WE MUST BE OUT OF OUR MINDS!

Feel free to grab stuff not on sale too, that is a very nice way to help us keep this thing going. You have so many choices, look over what we have here. You can also pick up a lot of vinyl, cassette, CDs and more so don't limit yourself to just those 6 7" records!

Bandcamp Friday only lasts one day, so go wild this Friday- you already have less than 24 hours.

For the April Bandcamp Friday, we are featuring:

- CYLS Split Series #4: Dowsing/The Cardboard Swords/Long Knives/Sinai Vessel Split: All 4 bands contribute exclusive tracks, all 4 tracks are good and if you haven't heard all of them you are missing out.

- Football, etc. "Disappear": The final CYLS release of this amazing band (and hey! They are active again!). FFO: Rainer Maria, Mineral, Benton Falls

- Mikey Erg/Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers Split: Mikey Erg has been a legend in the punk rock scene for nearly what, 3 decades? Dude is incredible. This split finds him pairing with CYLS stable, Warren Franklin as both bands deliver one original song and cover each other (love it when bands do that). A must have.

- Mt. Oriander "This Is Not the Way I Wanted You to Find Out": The debut of Empire! Empire!'s Keith Latinen. Full band solo project, the logical next step in his musical journey. FFO: Mineral, Penfold, Pedro the Lion.

- Overo/Asthenia Split: In a list of just 6 releases, this one features members of two of the other bands landing on the list. Overo is a supergroup that has members from Football, etc. and Perfect Future and are the exact combination of both bands. Some emo, some screamo, some singing and screaming. The other side features Japanese band Asthenia, who crush their side.

- Perfect Future "Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable": Amazing lyrics over melodic post hardcore- intense and cathartic.

The clock is ticking, so get ittttttttt!

30 Classic Emo & Post-Hardcore Albums Turning 10 in 2024

Posted on March 26th, 2024

Check out this piece BrooklynVegan put together- 30 classic emo/hardcore albums turning ten featuring empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) and Kittyhawk. I can't believe it's been TEN YEARS since these albums came out:

Both of these are still in print, if you want to grab a copy of them on vinyl.

Empire! Empire!:


Plus both bands have other things you can get too! What a world!