Bandcamp Friday is backkkkk agaiiiinnnn! 5 new albums for just $15 each!

Posted on August 4th, 2023

It is Bandcamp Friday once again, which means it is time for another sale! 5 vinyl records for just $15 a piece. Actually, this is the first Bandcamp Friday in a few months, so we amped up the choices this time around. This month, we are featuring these five albums:

- Camp Trash "The Long Way, The Slow Way": This album was the indie/college rock summer album of 2022, so why not keep the party going in 2023? Hook after hook burrow into your head that will keep you singing long after the needle stops.

- Cloud Mouth "That Ghost Is Always With Me": Cloud Mouth was a post-hardcore/noise band Chicago that ripped through sets and songs. This record accurately reflects how intense they were. Not many copies of this left in print, get this cult-classic before it's gone.

- Dowsing "It's Still Pretty Terrible": See where their 10+ year run began with their first LP. One of our personal favorites around the office, this album always puts you in a good mood. Punk/indie rock in the vein of a sunnier Weakerthans.

- Perfect Future "Old Wounds: Warmth in the Winter of 1914-1915": Google how many WWI emo/screamo/post-hardcore concept albums exist. Or I can save you time and tell you there is only one because frankly I don't think it would even occur to anyone to give this a shot. But lucky for us, Perfect Future did the damn thing, and it is still a marvel to behold. Give it a listen and then buy it, this relic needs to be in your collection- if for nothing else, what a conversation starter!

- Two Knights "Shut Up": Two Knights make you feel despair like no other band can. But in the best possible way. Heart-wrenching lyrics and vocals over very technical and proficient guitar and rums. My favorite LP from them, even if I am 100% biased.

You will find all 5 of these albums on the top of the releases page.

As usual, we also have made everything digital pay what you want so horde our digital pantry and stock up on everything you can get your hands on. This includes the new Superdown single "Alright", the new Thank You, I'm Sorry single "This House", Ben & Keely's album "The Tell-Tale Party Noise", Malegoat's "Plain Infiltration", Star Funeral's "In the Dark", and more.

We also added the Snowing LP to the Bandcamp store. We have so much in stock! Go see for yourself what we've got: