The Cardboard Swords debut "Brain's Song" video at Substream Music!

Posted on October 15th, 2015

You can now watch the video for The Cardboard Swords "Brian's Song" at Substream Magazine. This video is incredible- watch every kid live out their child fantasy, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy style.


Pre-Order the S/T LP:…/thecar…/products

Pick it up with a shirt! In stores/online 11/6.

Stream the debut single (S)he Said from The Cardboard Swords at New Noise Magazine, Pre-Order now!

Posted on October 9th, 2015

You can now stream the first song "(S)he Said" from The Cardboard Swords debut LP at New Noise Magazine.

Infectious, energetic indie-pop done right, The Cardboard Swords debut LP will move you. It will make you remember falling in love, and make you remember the moment it felt to find out that the other person wasn't perfect, but human too. Then loving them for who they are, not who someone else thinks they are. And then loving them even if you are no longer in love. It's a pretty powerful album to do all of that, but it does. So sing your heart out, don't be afraid to love. For fans of Modern Baseball,The Front Bottoms, and Something Corporate.

Listen to "(S)he Said" here:…/

Pre-Order it on CD or 12" vinyl here:…/560481-the-card…

The Cardboard Swords S/T LP comes out on 11/6.

The Cardboard Swords- S/T on 11/6. Get excited!

Posted on October 6th, 2015

Very excited to announce in exactly one month on 11/6, we will be releasing the new The Cardboard Swords self-titled LP. We've got a debut soon, but show off the track listing and cover art to get people excited! Can't wait to show everyone their new favorite songs smile emoticon

1. (S)He Said
2. Brian’s Song
3. Flannel
4. Exit 47A
6. Your Dad is Kirk Hammet?
7. A Year From Now
8. Nickels
9. I Swear I’m Usually Pretty Good at This
10. Remnants

Long Knives remove member, EP for charity and discuss abuse

Posted on October 2nd, 2015

A very serious situation regarding abuse arose with a now former member of Long Knives. The member has been removed from the band. Read a statement from the band here:

"Attention: Matt Bartels is no longer a part of Long Knives. We were deeply shocked, saddened & disappointed to hear of his behavior when we were informed via e-mail yesterday. He is seeking help in the appropriate avenues to try and atone for his costly mistakes in his personal life & to address some severe ...problems within. He is deeply apologetic to those he has harmed & to everyone in the community. That being said-we DO NOT condone any abusive behavior & will not tolerate it within our ranks. We only wish we were aware of the situation earlier so that we could have acted accordingly. We will be moving forward as a three piece at the October 8th Hemlock show- & more than likely for the entirety of our Fall tour with Divorce. Please remember that there is help out there if you are a victim of abuse- please speak up-seek help & make yourself heard. There is ALWAYS a friend who cares a phone call or message away.
With Love,
Kristia, Connor & Robert."

We do not support or condone this type of behavior. We discussed what do with the band and have decided that for the entire month of October, all Long Knives Bandcamp sales will be donated to La Casa de les Madres- the charity of the band's choice. Their EP "This is your Life" is now up on our Bandcamp for Pay-What-You-Want, so donate whatever you feel you can.

It is an unfortunate situation, but in instances like this, at the very least, we hope to bring an open dialog and discussion and bring some good out of a negative.

La Casa de les Madres:
Long Knives Bandcamp: