The Reptilian "We Have Become"

1/13/2009 · CYLS 006


Note: This was originally a digital only CYLS release of a self-released CD-R by the band. It was later repackaged with the Boys' Life EP and released as a cassette tape, but retained the same release number as the digital only release.

Pressing Info:
150 Black/150 Blue

Physical: Cassette
Digital: CYLS Webstore | Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon
Streamng: Bandcamp | Rdio | Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube

Track Listing:

1. The One Thing I Could Never Stomach About Santa Carla Was All the Damn Vampires
2. I Sure Hope Ving Rhames Isn't in This One
3. Neptune or Mars... or Neptune
4. Let's Slip Away Under Cover of Afternoon in the Biggest Car in the County