Joie De Vivre "The North End"

5/11/2010 · CYLS 016

12" Vinyl/CD/Digital

Pressing Info:


First Pressing:
150 Black
350 Halloween Orange

Second Pressing:
150 Piss Yellow
350 Milky Clear

Vinyl co-release with strictly no capital letters

Physical: CD | 12" Vinyl- Out of Print
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Track Listing:

1. Summer In New London
2. Salt
3. Sundays
4. Upper Deck San Diego
5. Next Year Will Be Better
6. One In the Same
7. I'll Support That
8. The North End
9. Praise Song
10. We're Equals
11. Autumn In New London

A1. Summer In New London
A2. Salt
A3. Sundays
A4. Upper Deck San Diego
A5. Next Year Will Be Better
B1. One In The Same
B2. I'll Support That
B3. The North End
B4. Praise Song
B5. We're Equals
B6. Autumn In New London