Cloud Mouth "That Ghost Is Always With Me"

2/1/2011 · CYLS 025

12" Vinyl

Pressing Info:
50 pre-release test presses with inserts
100 on black vinyl with cloth sleeves printed from original woodcuts
500 on chron cloud vinyl with two-color screen printed covers

Co-release with Ice Age Records

Physical: 12" Vinyl
Digital: CYLS Webstore | Bandcamp
Streaming: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube

Track Listing:

1. Waves
2. Take Me Out Into The Cold
3. Shark Week
4. The Dream is Dead
5. Hell is Real
6. Down Init

A1. Waves
A2. Take Me Out Into The Cold
A3. Shark Week
B1. The Dream Is Dead
B2. Hell Is Real
B3. Down Init