Warren Franklin "Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest"

6/14/2011 · CYLS 031

12" Vinyl/Digital

Pressing Info:
First Pressing:
150 Black
350 Blood Red

Physical:12" Vinyl- Out of Print
Digital: CYLS Webstore | Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon
Streaming: Bandcamp | Rdio | Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube

Track Listing:

1. Bro Downs Know No Bounds
2. Please Return "The Thrill of the Hunt"
3. Let Me Down Easy
4. You Get Weary
5. You've Never Heard ''My Aim Is True''
6. St. Peters
7. Sophomore
8. Winter Bed
9. You Rule Lindsay
10. Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest

A1. Bro Downs Know No Bounds
A2. Please Return "The Thrill Of The Hunt"
A3. Let Me Down Easy
A4. You Get Weary
A5. You've Never Heard ''My Aim Is True'"
B1. St. Peters
B2. Sophomore
B3. Winter Bed
B4. You Rule Lindsay
B5. Your Heart Belongs To The Midwest