Perfect Future "Old Wounds: Warmth in the Winter of 1914-1915"

4/21/2012 · CYLS 043

12" Vinyl/Digital

Pressing Info:
100 Black
150 Tan
250 White

Co-release with Adagio 830 & Sea of Tranquility Records

Physical: 12" Vinyl
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Streaming: Bandcamp | Rdio | Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube

Track Listing:

1. Prologue: A Sea of Wheat
2. State-Sanctioned Morality
3. How the World Works
4. End Bringer
5. Divine Tragedy
6. On Christmas Eve, the Infantry Sang
7. Men Aren't Moles; Crawl Out of Those Holes
8. Bury The Dead
9. ...Must Come to an End
10. Into the Light

A1. Prologue: A Sea Of Wheat
A2. State-Sanctioned Morality
A3. How The World Works
A4. End Bringer
A5. Divine Tragedy
B1. On Christmas Eve, The Infantry Sang
B2. Men Aren't Moles; Crawl Out Of Those Holes
B3. Bury The Dead
B4. ...Must Come To An End
B5. Into The Light