American Thunder Band "Neither Here Nor Thayer"

7/30/2013 · CYLS 062

12" Vinyl/Digital

Pressing Info:
150 Black
350 White

Co-Release with Texas is Funny Records

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Track Listing:

1. Spring Break '09 II
2. Soooooo Like, You Don't Like Led Zeppelin
3. No Time! Gotta Get to Berbiggles
4. Good Hank
5. Ya'll Virgins?
6. Kim Trails
7. Hey Ricky, There's Meafloaf
8. Eazy-E Can Eat a Big Fat Dick
9. Butt World
10. Down to Fuck

A1. Spring Break '09 II
A2. Soooooo Like, You Don't Like Led Zeppelin
A3. No Time! Gotta Get To Berbiggles
A4. Good Hank
A5. Ya'll Virgins?
B1. Kim Trails
B2. Hey Ricky, There's Meafloaf
B3. Eazy-E Can Eat A Big Fat Dick
B4. Butt World
B5. Down To Fuck