Calculator "This Will Come to Pass"

6/10/2014 · CYLS 078

12" Vinyl/Digital

Pressing Info:
150 Coke Bottle Clear
350 Translucent Blue

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Track Listing:

1. Softly So
2. Overture
3. Gasping but Somehow Still Alive
4. Brooding Over
5. Becoming Whisperings
6. Permanent State of Daylight
7. First Shadow of Evening
8. Come Closer, Go Unto
9. Guided by Moonlight
10. Reverie
11. Grinning at the Thought
12. Dark Victory
13. Last Breath

A1. Softly So
A2. Overture
A3. Gasping, But Somehow Still Alive
A4. Brooding Over
A5. Becoming//Whisperings In Sleep
A6. Permanent State Of Daylight
B1. First Shadow Of Evening
B2. Come Closer, Go Unto
B3. Guided By Moonlight
B4. Reverie
B5. Grinning At The Thought
B6. Dark Victory
B7. Last Breath