Mimisiku "The Thrill of Living"

2/19/2016 · CYLS 093

12" Vinyl/Cassette/Digital

Pressing Info:
150 Black
350 Milky White with Sea Blue

Physical: 12" Vinyl
Digital: CYLS Webstore | Bandcamp
Streaming: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube

Track Listing:
1. I Can't Sleep
2. Kettlers of Satan
3. What Means Obligated?
4. Ukume
5. Cut Me Open and Crawl Inside Me, One of Us Should Live
6. Don't Do It
7. The Hand Strikes and Gives a Flower
8. It Depends on Whether Your Conception of Time is Linear or Circular
9. A Constant State of Despair
10. I Still Can't Sleep