Overo/Asthenia Split

9/21/2020 · CYLS 113

Format: 7" Vinyl/Digital
Pressing Info:
350 Black
150 Blood red

Co-released with Forge (JPN), Middle-man (USA), Pundonor (ESP), strictly no capital letters (UK), Lilac Sky (NOR), Polar Summer (RUS), Scully Records (USA)
Art by Kyle McPartlin)

Physical: 12" Vinyl
Digital: CYLS Webstore | Bandcamp
Streaming: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube

Track Listing:

1. Overo- Haunted by Heat
2. Overo- Near the End
3. Asthenia- 人間たち (Humans)
4. Asthenia- 幽霊たち (Ghosts)

A1. Overo- Haunted by Heat
A2. Overo- Near the End
B1. Asthenia- 人間たち (Humans)
B2. Asthenia- 幽霊たち (Ghosts)