Parting "Unmake Me"

6/4/2021 · CYLS 115

10" Vinyl/Cassette/Digital

Pressing Info:
200 Black
300 Bone in Gold Pinwheel

125 Gold with white ink
125 Purple with yellow ink

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Track Listing:

1. Jesse Eisenbird
2. Ratt Michards
3. Stapler's Monster
4. After the Fact
5. Maybe He's Blinking When You're Blinking
6. He's Obviously Beekeeping Age
7. Living Proof

A1. Jesse Eisenbird
A2. Ratt Michards
A3. Stapler's Monster
B1. After the Fact
B2. Maybe He's Blinking When You're Blinking
B3. He's Obviously Beekeeping Age
B4. Living Proof