Mt. Oriander- Then the Lightness Leaves and I Become Heavy Again

10/21/2022 · CYLS 131

1. The Dark Parts of the Map Are Places You Have Not Yet Visited
2. What We Have is You
3. We Measure Our Distance in Time
4. If This is Sadness, I Don't Like It One Bit
5. A Drawing of a Bird that You Have Never Seen Before
6. We Should Get Out of Here Before Something Goes Terribly Wrong!
7. You Were Part of Me Before We Came Here
8. If Only Something Would Go Right for a Change
9. Rare Frog Coin
10. Lilliput Steps
11. We Are Not in This Alone
12. You Don't Have to Keep Trying Anymore
B1. Mighty Guard
B2. You Can't Use the Fire Exit Because You're Not Made of Fire