Benton Falls "Fighting Starlight"

10/27/2009 · CYLS-CV-01

2x12" Vinyl

Pressing Info:
250 Transparent Red
250 White

Physical: 2x12" Vinyl

Licensed from Deep Elm Records.

NOTE: The release number is the only album in the catalog that bears this formatting. It was originally meant to be the first in a series of vinyl reissues ("CV" stands for "Classic"), but the formatting was abandoned after this release.

Track listing:

A1. All These Things
A2. Swimming With You
A3. Fighting Starlight
B1. Sad Like Winter Leaves
B2. Always Behind A Smile
B3. June Port Bridge
C1. No Hero
C2. Coastal
C3. Back To Nothing
D1. Eudora
D2. Occupied For Now*
D3. Tell Him^

* "Occupied For Now" originally appeared on Deep Elm Records - Unreleased No. 2.
^ "Tell Him" originally appeared on The Emo Diaries, Chapter Six - The Silence In My Heart.