Free Throw "Those Days Are Gone" 12" Vinyl/CD CYLS 083


The debut album following up their strong CYLS debut EP "Lavender Town", "Those Days Are Gone" takes the band to a new level. 11 songs filled with emotionally charged vocals and energetic yet intricate music that will find a way into your head and refuse to leave for days and days.


  1. Such Luck
  2. Two Beers In
  3. Good Job, Champ
  4. Tongue Tied
  5. Pallet Town
  6. An Hour Pissed
  7. Kim Tastie
  8. How I Got My Shrunken Head
  9. Let's Get Invisible
  10. What Day Is It, October
  11. Hey Ken, Someone Methodically Mushed the Donuts
Pressing Information

First Press
150 Black
350 Splatter- Ultra Clear with Cyan, Purple and Pink

Second Press
150 Beer
350 Half in Half- Olive in Grimace Purple

Third Press
190 Coke Bottle Clear
400 Half in Half- Royal Blue in Milky Clear with Royal Blue and Gold Splatter

Fourth Press
400 Hot Pink

Fifth Press
700 White
300 Purple with Baby Blue and White Splatter