Annabel/Dowsing Split 7" Vinyl CYLS 075


Annabel and Dowsing are two of the best indie-pop bands today, although you might not know them outside of the “Emo Revival” trend because of the company they keep. Regardless of who they tour with, these two bands feature some of the smartest songwriters in any genre, and this EP is another sterling example why. The pair toured Europe in 2013 and have been label mates since Dowsing joined Count Your Lucky Stars in 2011 with their debut EP All I Could Find Was You. This is first follow up for both bands since their LPs in the last few years and it does not disappoint.

Available on Black or Orange Crush, comes with download code.


  1. Fistful of Hot Wheels
  2. World's Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin Today)
  3. Always
  4. Forever
Pressing Information

7" Vinyl
150 Black
350 Orange Crush