Annabel "Now That We're Alive" Digital Only CYLS 054


Annabel has been a band for nearly a decade, started by Ben Hendricks while he was just a tyke in high school. It went through a change here and there- chiefly, his kid brother joined on drums and their friend Scotty on Thunder Bass. They wrote some things, and they recorded some things, but this was the first cohesive thing that Annabel became known for. This gem is what got them signed to Count Your Lucky Stars, and we've wanted to release this little guy for quite sometime.

Fast forward about 5 years and here we are, finally giving "Now That We're Alive" a proper release, complete with new artwork designed by Annabel's own Andy Hendricks. If you haven't heard this before, it's a treat. It's great in it's own right, but also clearly a precursor of all the good things that came after. Grab it now and see where your favorite band came from!

Available on Black or Yellow, comes with download code.


  1. Parade Rest
  2. Castles In The Air
  3. Bouquet Mines
  4. ...And Elsewhere
  5. If The Accident Will
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100 Black
100 Yellow