Ape Up! "Kemosabe" 10" Vinyl CYLS 042

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If you haven't heard Ape Up! yet, you are seriously messing up. Ape Up! kicks out jam after jam of upbeat melodic punk and gruff vocals that grab the listener and won't let go. Kemosabe is their longest effort to date, but as soon as it ends you will be wanting more.

Comes with download code, available on Black or White. Mock up may vary in color from finished product..


  1. Nothing Serious
  2. No Troy
  3. 1(800) WILD-DAD
  4. Honey Scoots
  5. Drainbow
  6. When I Was the Good Guy
  7. Kemosabe
  8. Sorry All Over the Place
  9. Tejas
Pressing Information

10" Vinyl
150 Black
350 White