Boris Smile "My Love Powered by 10,000 Practice Amps"- Digital Only CYLS 028


Boris Smile continues into their lush, musical foray, this time with a brand new full length on Count Your Lucky Stars. This album was a mammoth undertaking, checking in at a monstrous 23 tracks. Talk about bang for your buck!


  1. 10,000 Practice Amps
  2. Lucy
  3. The Battle of Miss Little
  4. Into Town
  5. Rumors
  6. Council of the Brains
  7. Mother Hen (Are You A Shelter)
  8. Queen of Green Welly
  9. Heart of Gold
  10. Fox and Amelia
  11. Abajazz
  12. Collecting My Thoughts
  13. Living Water
  14. Decisions and The Paralyzing Effects of Freedom
  15. A Man Stands Alone
  16. A Cake To Make Friends With
  17. The Moment
  18. The Death of Beartooth
  19. War Canoes
  20. You Are Loved
  21. When Steven Walked On Water
  22. Greatham is Great
  23. The Egg of Mother Hen
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