Brave Bird "Maybe You, No One Else Worth It" 12" Vinyl/CD CYLS 053


At last, the debut LP of Ann Arbor's favorite sons. Mix the best of that turn of the century flavored indie-rock a la Brand New and the slightly newer tapping skills of bands like Minus the Bear with the current emo-style tearing up the house show scene akin to such bands as Algernon Cadwallader and the Reptilian, and voila- Brave Bird!

These guys are the best at what they do, plain and simple. 10 stunning tracks in hi-fidelity album on one LP to start your 2013 right.

Available on Double Mint or Baby Blue, comes with download code. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. Too Late Now
  2. Scared Enough
  3. Healthy
  4. Tired Enough
  5. Thick Skin (Should I Give In)
  6. Whittle Down the Days
  7. The Worst Things Happen To Me
  8. Get Over What's Right
  9. Maybe You, No One Else Worth It
  10. I'll See You at the Ring of Fire
  11. It's My Pride That I Swallow (Hidden Track)
Pressing Information

12" Vinyl
First Pressing
150 Black
350 Gray

Second Pressing
190 Double Mint
390 Baby Blue