Calculator "This Will Come to Pass" 12" Vinyl LP CYLS 078


Calculator’s “This Will Come to Pass” comes out of the gate swinging and refuses to let up the entire time. A full blistering 30 minutes of raw and emotional punk and hardcore that calls to mind early At the Drive In and Touche Amore. Originally self-released last year, the first pressing sold out quickly and the demand for a rerelease through a label has been high.

Plus, the packaging on this is really cool!

Available on Coke Bottle Clear or Translucent Blue, comes with download code. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. Softly So
  2. Overture
  3. Gasping, but Somehow Still Alive
  4. Brooding Over
  5. Becoming Whisperings in Sleep
  6. Permanant State of Daylight
  7. First Shadow of Evening
  8. Come Closer, Go Unto
  9. Guided by Moonlight
  10. Reverie
  11. Grinning at the Thought
  12. Dark Victory
  13. Last Breath
Pressing Information

12" Vinyl
150 Coke Bottle Clear
350 Translucent Blue.