Dowsing "It's Still Pretty Terrible" 12" Vinyl/CD CYLS 041


Dowsing sure has been a busy band. In the little time since their inception, they have already graced us with an EP and a split 7" with Parker. Wasting no time, Dowsing has delivered us their debut full length, It's Still Pretty Terrible. Pay no heed to it's tongue-and-cheek title- this album is everything but terrible. In fact, it's their strongest and most cohesive release to date, and it's nice to see such a promising young group deliver an album that more than lives up to their hype. Get hyped and get this album!

Available on beautiful tri-colors, comes with download code. Comes with download code. Mock up may vary in color from finished product..


  1. Get Dead!
  2. What Did You Ever Do
  3. Gengar! Gengar! Gengar!
  4. Wired For Success
  5. Lavender
  6. Littoral
  7. Midwest Living
  8. Up to Me
  9. Terminals
  10. Somerset
Pressing Information

First Pressing:
150 Black
350 Mustard

Second Pressing:
150 Red
350 Royal Blue

Third Pressing
150 Half in Half Halloween Orange & Cyan
350 Kelly Green