Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)/Rika Split 7" Vinyl CYLS 049


Empire! Empire! embarked on their first European tour back in ought '10 when they met and played a few shows with an amazing band from Austria called Rika. They became fast friends and pledged to do a split 7" soon after. The soon after only took 2 years!

The result may have taken 2 years, but we totally feel it was worth the wait. Empire! Empire! lay down 2 emotionally charged tracks on Side A, while Rika uses literally all the space they can to craft a beautiful track (with a splash of Flugelhorn!) on Side B.

This record is a co-release with God Damn Records out of Austria, so anyone out that way would do best in ordering it from them at goddamn-records.com.

Comes with download code, available on Red or Gold.


  1. We Were Not Small or Great but Grown
  2. It's a Fate We Can't Escape. Someday We Will All Pass Away.
  3. Skutner
Pressing Information

7" Vinyl
First Pressing:
200 Black
300 White with Baby Blue Haze

Second Pressing:
150 Red
350 Gold