Innards "I've Lost Everything" 10" Vinyl CYLS 051


Witness the full length debut of the Texas warhorse, Innards! Think hardcore meets shoegaze in a wonderful explosion. The longest track clocking is at 2:22, but really, it's because each track packs so much punch that we probably couldn't even handle anything longer. 12 tracks in all, fitting snugly on one 10".

Comes with Download Code, available on Black or Electric Blue. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. Tight Eyes
  2. Dboles
  3. Ponzi Scheme
  4. Teachers, Lawyers and Bicycle Shop Owners
  5. Smear
  6. Maple Bar
  7. Large Milk
  8. Coffee
  9. Baby Carrots
  10. Moonpie
  11. Spaghetti
  12. Cheeseburger in heaven
Pressing Information

10" Vinyl
150 Black
350 Electric Blue