Lindsay Minton "Past is Prelude" Cassette EP CYLS 040


Solo project from Lindsay Minton, the singer and guitarist from our very own Football, etc.

"Past is Prelude" was recorded in various bedrooms and basements in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the spring of 2008. Features members from Football, etc., Tin Kitchen
Each Other's Mothers Cheeky, Little Lung, Know Think, and Communipaw.

Available on Black, Gray, and Red. Comes with Download Code, co-release with strictly no capital letters (UK), so you might want to buy it there if you are across the pond.


  1. Snake Owl
  2. Joe's Old Hat
  3. Spills
  4. Loretta Mazzone
  5. Heart
  6. Home Again
  7. Interlude
Pressing Information

100 Black with Gold Lettering
100 Gray with Purple Lettering
100 Red with White Lettering

Co-Release with strictly no capital letters