Perfect Future "Perfect Future" CD CYLS 011

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Debut LP from Maryland trio on Count Your Lucky Stars/strictly no capital letters. Equal parts sung, equal parts shouted, jumping from extremely beautiful melodies to harsh and frantic bursts of energy, Perfect Future are a volatile machine capable of producing a large spectrum of music. For fans of Far and Koyla.

Co-release with Strictly No Capital Letters (UK, order it from them here if you are across the pond:


  1. Behold
  2. From Me to You
  3. Make Fun
  4. Mother Earth
  5. Father TIme
  6. If We Dance...
  7. Colonization
  8. Don't Be Fooled; Words Can Affect World View
  9. Palate
  10. Roses & Roses & Roses
  11. In Hopes
  12. Gerald Said, I Believe In Redemption
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Co-release with Strictly No Capital Letters