Dowsing "Still Don't Care" LP- Cassette CYLS 096


The second Dowsing discography tape features acoustic, outtakes, and rarities from the I Don't Even Care sessions. So many songs, you can't go wrong!

Comes with download. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. Fall Asleep (Acoustic Demo)
  2. Get Weird (Acoustic Demo)
  3. Hot Wheels (Acoustic Demo)
  4. Basketball (Acoustic Demo)
  5. PianoSong (Acoustic Demo)
  6. No Offense (Acoustic Demo)
  7. IDECA (Acoustic Demo)
  8. Ferret (Acoustic Demo)
  9. Still Don't Care (Acoustic Demo)
  10. Nothing to Give (Acoustic Demo)
  11. IDECA Butt Fast (Bedroom Demo)
  12. Meant to Shred (Bedroom Demo)
  13. Chocolat (Bedroom Demo)
  14. Fall Asleep (Bedroom Demo)
  15. Get Weird (Bedroom Demo)
  16. Basketball (Bedroom Demo)
  17. Hot Wheels (Bedroom Demo)
  18. Just Like IDECA (Bedroom Demo)
  19. PianoSong (Bedroom Demo)
  20. No Offense to the Fun We are Having (Bedroom Demo)
  21. Ferret (Bedroom Demo)
  22. Still Don't Care (Bedroom Demo)
  23. Nothing (Bedroom Demo)
  24. Worst Joke Ever (Bedroom Demo)
  25. Just Say Auto-Tune (Bedroom Demo)
  26. No Offense (Switchboard Sessions)
  27. Cuttoff (Switchboard Sessions)
Pressing Information

100 Black
100 Rhodamine Red
100 Goldenrod