Mimisiku "The Thrill of Living" 12" Vinyl/Cassette CYLS 093


The debut LP from Texas quintet Mimisiku, "The Thrill of Living" is an intense roller-coaster. It moves steadily, then builds and rises up- suddenly ripping through emotional loops and hills as vocalist/bassist Parker Lawson's voice leaps from quiet to cathartic. Keys haunt over driving guitars as bass and drums weave and push tempo back and forth with ease. Songs about love, loss, life, and death in 10 doses.

Comes with digital download. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. I Can't Sleep
  2. Kettlers of Satan
  3. What Means Obligated
  4. Ukume
  5. Cut Me Open and Crawl Inside Me, One Of Us Should Live
  6. Don't Do It
  7. The Hand Strikes and Gives a Flower
  8. It Depends On Whether Your Conception of Time is Linear or Circular
  9. A Constant State of Disrepair
  10. I Still Can't Sleep
Pressing Information

12" Vinyl:
150 Black
350 Milky White with Sea Blue

100 Light Blue
100 Green Sonic
100 Purple Solid