Colossal "Colossal" EP-LP (Previously known as "Brave the Elements") CYLS Releases


Colossal's stunning debut EP, informally known as "Brave the Elements" is just as powerful and impressive as the day it was released. Featuring incredibly tight, masterful instrumentation with soulful vocals that combine in a unique package that no other band could hope to replicate. Whether you've been waiting for this for years or you've never heard it before, you are in for a treat.

Co-release with Topshelf, with each label carrying an exclusive color. Each order comes with a digital download.


  1. Human Jackson
  2. Embers Only
  3. Revisionary
  4. Plateau Song
  5. You Run Marathons
  6. Brave the Elements
Pressing Information

250 Cream (Topshelf Exclusive)
250 Navy (CYLS Exclusive)