Mountains for Clouds "Anxious & Aware" Cassette LP CYLS 098


Mountains for Clouds are calling it quits, but not before giving us one last album as a parting gift. On their final album, "Anxious and Aware", we can hear their entire decade of playing together culminate into one last masterpiece. We hear the return of their large and sweeping musical palate- guitars that create their own sonic soundscapes that evoke images as majestic as their moniker, bass that weaves in and out like fine stitching on a tapestry, and drums with detail precision that add immense clarity and power. We also can hear something refined- contemplative and emotional vocals that cap the portrait, leaving us with a feeling that we have just heard something special- the final work of a musical life well spent.

All bands come to end, but not all of them bow out as gracefully as they came in. Let’s celebrate the last album instead of mourning their death. They would have wanted it that way.

Comes with digital download. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. Water
  2. Kids
  3. Have Done
  4. Major Moves
  5. Full Disclosure
  6. Guilt and Closure
  7. Comfort Complacent
  8. Wanderlost
  9. Rememory
  10. Will I Again
Pressing Information

75 Black with White Ink
75 White with Black Ink