Joie De Vivre "The North End" CD CYLS 016


Following up on the critically acclaimed "Summer Months", "The North End" picks up the pieces and assembles an even greater masterpiece. This time around, Joie De Vivre had added horns and keys, assembling 11 tracks that flow effortlessly into each other into one album, yet still stand out on their own. Expect this one to go down in the history books.

For fans of Mineral, Christie Front Drive, and Pedro the Lion.


  1. Summer in New London
  2. Salt
  3. Sundays
  4. Upper Deck San Diego
  5. Next Year Will Be Better
  6. One in the Same
  7. I'll Support That
  8. The North End
  9. Praise Song
  10. We're Equals
  11. Autumn in New London
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