Joie De Vivre "We're All Better Than This" CD CYLS 045


The follow up to the North End finds Joie De Vivre more mature, more open, and a little older. Getting older is something that happens to all of us, but the special thing about We're All Better Than This is that we get to literally hear the growing pains documenting the transition from early twenties to adulthood. Lead singer Brandon Lutmer is better equipped to deal with "what if's" and mulling over the choices he's made now more than ever.

A little less horn and a little more rock, We're Better Than This feels good and feels right. If growing up is a journey and not a destination, this album is your map.


  1. At Least I Tried
  2. I'd Be Upset If I Broke Up With Me Too
  3. I Was Sixteen Ten Years Ago
  4. Maybe People Do Change
  5. Wait Wait Wait... How Soon IS Now
  6. I Guess Not
  7. That Dude Leads a Depressing Life
  8. Going to a Going Away Party
  9. Who Cares
  10. Robert Muldoon
  11. High School Me Would Have Been Pumped
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