Dead By Sunday "Fall Asleep to Regret" Cassette CYLS 114


Dead By Sunday were a crucial cog in the Flint, Michigan independent music scene from 1999-2003. They played an urgent style of emo/punk/hardcore that had all of the hallmarks that bands eras later would emulate. Blending clean and intense vocals with energetic guitars and a rhythm section that felt like it could have propelled a cannon, Dead By Sunday were truly ahead of their time. It's time to give them their due and for the world to discover a band it never knew.

"Fall Asleep to Regret" is the band's entire discography, remixed/remastered by Marc Hudson (Saves the Day, Against Me, Taking Back Sunday).''

On clear cassette, comes with digital download.

*Mock up may vary from final product.


  1. Mexico Sounds Nice
  2. Mark It Zero
  3. Decoding the Silence
  4. Progression is a Dead End Street
  5. This Gun's For Hire
  6. Niagra Fell
  7. Count to SIx
  8. Self Defense
  9. Song Six
  10. I Just Want Something I Can Ignore
  11. Invoice
  12. Eraser
  13. There was a Firefight
  14. Redemption
  15. Untitled