Ben & Keely "The Tell-Tale Party Noise" Cassette CYLS 139


"The Tell-Tale Party Noise" feels like a striped-down version of Ben Curttright's full-band The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, but don't write it off as a side project. The intimacy is even more intense here and the songs are in the most pure of form. Created and recorded in a new home in a new city after a move across country, Ben & Keely make themselves at home on this introspective debut, exploring themes like one might explore room arrangements in a new space. Move the dresser over here, add some harp here, put a picture up on the bare wall here, throw a splash of keys here. It feels like we get to see them unpack everything and make themselves comfortable in a new environment. A cozy album for a cozy night by the fireplace. 

Available on cassette and digital download. Cassette comes with digital download. Art may vary from mock.


  1. Fine
  2. Old
  3. Hail Song
  4. Wiggler
  5. Loop
  6. Toaster
  7. Union of One
  8. Recluse
  9. Gun
  10. Sage