Thank You, I'm Sorry- Growing in Strange Places 12" Vinyl CYLS 141


Thank You, I'm Sorry released their first full band album "I'm Glad We're Friends" in 2020 and we've been waiting for a follow up ever since. Saying "Growing in Strange Places" was well worth the wait is an understatement. Their third album finds the band following their most adventurous ambitions, sprinkling in styles ranging from dream pop to indie to riot grrrl. It's also a cumulation of a seasoned band that has found their footing through years of touring and hard work. The know when to take risks and when they have a good thing to lean into to. If that isn't growth, we don't know what is.

Available on vinyl in the following colors: swamp green in milky clear (color in color), black, coke bottle green, and orange crush (exclusive record store variant- pick that up in stores. Comes with download available day of release.


  1. Your Backyard
  2. Autonomy Shop
  3. Brain Empty
  4. Mirror
  5. Self Improvement
  6. Interlude
  7. Traincar
  8. Chronically Online
  9. Head Climbing
  10. This House
  11. Parking Lots
  12. Lleeny Hut Jr
  13. As I Should Be
Pressing Information

250 Black
250 Coke Bottle Green
350 Orange Crush (Record store exclusive)
250 Swamp Green in Milky Clear