Asthenia is a hardcore band from Toyko, Japan. They play simple, to the point, arpeggio-heavy and screamy-singy-talky hardcore influenced by bands such as Vanilla, Moss Icon, Plunger, Native Nod, Yage, and Turning Point. Lyrics are sung almost entirely in Japanese, on topics ranging from social ills and racism in Japan to politics, depression, lives, loves, and regrets.

In 2014, Asthenia self-released its Four Songs 10” (later re-released by Cross My Heart and Hope to DIY), and since then released a split 7” with Akallabeth (UK), a split CD with Blue Friend (JPN) and Calculator (USA), and a digital EP. Asthenia also appeared in several compilations including My Heart in Your Hand 10”. With the help of their friends and community, the band has organized DIY tours for several bands including Human Hands (UK), Calculator, and Nebraska (AUS). In 2016, Asthenia toured the UK with Human Hands and Arkless (UK).