Kid Brother Collective

Kid Brother Collective were a band from 1997-2003 from Flint, Michigan who cut their teeth by playing shows alongside Small Brown Bike, Brandston, and Benton Falls. Criminally underrated, but well loved by those who did know them. Full of delicate and melodic guitar, passionate vocals, and quiet to loud dynamics, Kid Brother Collective were the last bastion of the original second wave of emo, ala Mineral, Appleseed Cast, Death Cab for Cutie, and Jimmy Eat World.

With the reissue of Highway Mles on vinyl in 2012 (the groups last LP before breaking up), we are proud to say Kid Brother Collective is back again and ready to pick up where they left off. The members have all stayed active in their time off, so don’t expect a rusty follow-up either- these guys still know how to craft a song and it shows.