Kittyhawk "Hello Again"

10/14/2014 · CYLS 084

12" Vinyl/CD/Digital

Pressing Info:


First Press
150 Black
350 Splatter- Ultra Clear Base with Easter Yellow, Red(ish), Baby Blue, and Baby Pink

Second Press
150 Baby Blue
350 Uncooked Egg (Yellow in Clear)

Physical: 12" Vinyl/CD
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Track Listing:

1. Contact
2. The Petravicz Estate
3. Sunny Day Renter's Insurance
4. Vaudeville
5. Jude II
6. Welcome Home
7. Self v. Former Self
8. Hans Christian Andersen
9. Zodiac
10. Seasonal Abjective Disorder
11. Better Homes
12. Better Gardens
13. Tourisme

A1. Contact
A2. The Petravicz Estate
A3. Sunny Day Renter's Insurance
A4. Vaudeville
A5. Jude II
A6. Welcome Home
A7. Self v. Former Self
B1. Hans Christian Andersen
B2. Zodiac
B3. Seasonal Abjective Disorder
B4. Better Homes
B5. Better Gardens
B6. Tourisme