Stream the debut single (S)he Said from The Cardboard Swords at New Noise Magazine, Pre-Order now!

Posted on October 9th, 2015

You can now stream the first song "(S)he Said" from The Cardboard Swords debut LP at New Noise Magazine.

Infectious, energetic indie-pop done right, The Cardboard Swords debut LP will move you. It will make you remember falling in love, and make you remember the moment it felt to find out that the other person wasn't perfect, but human too. Then loving them for who they are, not who someone else thinks they are. And then loving them even if you are no longer in love. It's a pretty powerful album to do all of that, but it does. So sing your heart out, don't be afraid to love. For fans of Modern Baseball,The Front Bottoms, and Something Corporate.

Listen to "(S)he Said" here:…/

Pre-Order it on CD or 12" vinyl here:…/560481-the-card…

The Cardboard Swords S/T LP comes out on 11/6.