What's left of the Empire! merch/sale until Sunday at midnight!

Posted on May 20th, 2016

Hello! Here is a quick update of what shirts/crew necks we have left. Once this stuff is sold, it'll never be sold again:

- Flaming Car shirt- GONE
- Secret of Mana shirt- SMALL ONLY
- Picnic shirt- MEDIUM/LARGE ONLY
- Treasure crew neck- SMALL ONLY

Other stuff on sale at Count Your Lucky Stars Records until Sunday at midnight:

"What It Takes to Move Forward" 2xLP- $15/ CD $5
"When the Sea Became a Giant" 10" EP- $10
"You Will Eventually Be Forgotten" LP- $10/ CD $5
CYLS Split #2: $5
Rika Split: $5
(You can also get our split with Joie De Vivre and the In Which the Choices EP, they just aren't on sale)
Graphic Novel:
Ribbon- Paperback- $5 (The hardcover is still $25)
YWEBF Release Poster: $8