SURPRISE! We signed Mt. Oriander! Listen to their debut EP and see them on tour!

Posted on October 8th, 2021

SURPIRSE! Lately, we've been all about the surprise drops, and this one is a big one. Please welcome Mt. Oriander to the roster (ok, lol full disclosure- Mt. Oriander is me, Keith- guy who also runs the label).

Mt. Oriander is the long awaited return of Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)'s front man Keith Latinen. Similar to his previous bodies of work, Mt. Oriander is a solo project in name only. Latinen sings and plays every instrument (guitar, bass, and drums) for a full band compliment. The band picks up where he left off over half a decade ago- expressive vocals, visually storytelling, and achingly fragile musical landscapes. Mt. Oriander is a return to form that was perfected during his long absence.

BIGGER SURPRISE! You can listen to their debt EP RIGHT NOW! You can order it on cassette RIGHT NOW! You can order a shirt RIGHT NOW! Noticing a trend?

The EP is called 'This Is Not the Way I Wanted You to Find Out' and features 5 songs with catchy titles that refer to a lot of cool pop culture things the band loves. Take a gander at the cover:

Click on the link to listen to the album in your preferred medium or pre-order it on cassette + a cool shirt:

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How about the BIGGEST SURPRISE?! They are going on tour with Warren Franklin THIS MONTH! Take a look at this cool poster designed by Frankie Yoshi (who also did the EP art and shirt!)

So go fill that Empire! Empire! void the best way possible until the Lions win the Super Bowl (which, spoiler alert, won't be this year, lol).

SURPRISE! We've got TWO NEW RELEASES OUT TODAY! Colleen Dow + It Only Ends Once

Posted on September 24th, 2021


Today is a pretty magical day because we have not one, but TWO surprise releases! What a banner day!

The first one is from Colleen Dow, who you might recognize as the frontperson of our very own Thank You, I'm Sorry. Colleen has been super busy creating a new solo project that falls into the indie-pop spectrum of things. Think The Postal Service meets Now Now.

Today, you can stream the debut song 'Periwinkle' on all streaming platforms. Periwinkle is the first in a set of singles that we will be slowly releasing over the next coming months and eventually as a collection. So get excited for more! Listen to the first single 'Periwinkle' on Spotify here or on Bandcamp here.

Not to be outdone, we also present to you It Only Ends Once. IOEO is the solo project of Brendan Stephens, who also fronts Perfect Future and co-sings in Overo. You can stream the entire album "lose you" now, and pre-order it on cassette too! Expect the cassettes sometime in mid-November (thanks, Covid), but all pre-orders come with an instant download immediately. If you are a fan of his other bands or just post-hardcore in general, this is right up your alley. Co-release with our friends Knifepunch Records. Each label has an exclusive color up for pre-order. Pre-Order it here.

Stream the Drunk Uncle live stream!

Posted on August 27th, 2021

If you missed the Drunk Uncle live stream last night, you can watch it here:

There’s also a fun lil’ Q&A at the end before the band got pizza 🍕 😎

Chet Wasted's debut "Raspberry" is officially out today!

Posted on August 27th, 2021

Hooray! It's officially the release day for Chet Wasted's "Raspberry"! The debut album from Jacob McCabe of Perspective, a lovely hand to hold, 'Raspberry' paints on an entirely different canvas of musical palates. Intimate guitars and haunting vocals that are lead by sparse and tasteful arrangements. Think Dylan and Beach Boys with a modern sensibility.

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