The Great Albatross "Roots" 7" Vinyl CYLS 067


You just can’t keep a good man down. Singer/songwriter and ringleader A. Wesley Chung spent an entire decade honing his craft as the head of an indie-pop collective called Boris Smile, which notably featured Avi from Sub Pop’s Avi Buffalo among a cast of revolving musicians. Soon after laying Boris Smile to rest, Chung found himself back at it again with renewed love. Splitting time between California and Glasgow, Scotland, Roots is a strong debut, exploring the concepts of home and the tests of long distance relationships. Chung should know- he met his wife Helen (who is also the designer of the EPs art) in his native California while she was studying abroad, only to follow her back to her home himself sometime later. Roots is a love that spans oceans, and we get to feel how far it can reach.

Choose black or white, comes with download code. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. The Egg That Hatched
  2. Roots
  3. Righteous Man
  4. Man of Dust
Pressing Information

7" Vinyl
150 Black
350 White