Recreational Drugs "Recreational Drugs" 7" EP CYLS 092


Behold! The self-titled release from Recreational Drugs (feat. members of Their/They’re/There, Lifted Bells, Into It. Over It.) is a three-song thrill ride of very, very smart instrumental rock in the vein of Ghost and Vodka and The Album Leaf. Each movement a deliberate and considered pace, each note sitting just right. Plus, the song titles have references to pets!

Available on Black and A-Side/B-Side of Doublemint and Bone. Digital download with purchase.

Note: On the 7", Ontario is split up on Side A and Side B, but the digital is one song. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. A Song for Dogs
  2. Ontario
  3. A Song for Cats
Pressing Information

150 Black
350 A-Side/B-Side Doublemint/Bone