The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick “Ways of Hearing” 12" Vinyl/Digital/Enamel Pin CYLS 110


The debut release from Philadelphia's The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, now available for the first time on vinyl! 10 songs that make use of every instrument in their repertoire- strings, keys, drums, guitars, and bells. Dual vocals pepper throughout, playing off each other and weaving through the music to create a beautiful tapestry.

For fans of Carissa's Wierd, The World is a Beautiful Place, and Very Secretary.

Comes with digital download. Mock up may vary in color from finished product.


  1. An Olive Coat
  2. We Love You So Much
  3. Jars Filled With Rain
  4. The Best of All Possible Worlds
  5. The Cat Stands on My Arm
  6. Winston's Theme
  7. God's Country
  8. Joseph Stalin
  9. Closer
  10. Everyone Around Us
Pressing Information

75 Green Tint
75 White

400 Black
300 Coke Bottle
400 "Moo Cow" (Black/White Splatter)